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Sunday, June 28, 2015
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What steps should you take to insure that your  

senior portraits meet your expectations?  

Choosing the right photographer to do your senior photos is not something you should take lightly.  This only happens once in your life, and you want to make sure that you're not treated like a number by the photographer or studio that you hire to do your senior portraits.   You want a photographer who really gets to know you, and captures your true personality.  You won't do anything quite like this again, so your senior portraits need to be amazing with the right locations, props and poses.  And it's a bonus if you have fun in the process!

STEP 1:  Schedule a portrait consultation.  The consultation gives you the chance to meet with the photographer prior to your session and discuss your vision for your portraits.  If the photographer balks at spending this time with you, then he or she will probably not want to spend quality time with you when it comes to actually taking your portraits.  The photographer who takes the time to meet with you first will also take the time to make sure you are completely happy with your portraits.

STEP 2:  Select outfits that are comfortable and look good on you.  If the color, fit and style have gotten you compliments in the past, chance are you will look good wearing them in the photographs.  To get the most from your portrait session, try to choose a package that allows 3-4 clothing changes.  For more information on choosing the perfect outfits, check out this post:      

STEP 3:  Bring props that tell your story.  These can be accessories such as hats, scarves and jewelry that enhance the outfits you plan to bring; a musical instrument, soccer ball, skateboard or something else that reflects your talent, hobby or interests; or a best friend, pet or family member for buddy shots.

    STEP 4:  Speak up!  Don't be afraid to tell your photographer if something isn't working for you.  By the same token, offer suggestions if, for example, you saw a pose in a magazine that you would love to try.  Bring pictures to the consultation or the actual session the same as you would bring a picture of a new hairdo to your stylist.  Also let your photographer know if you prefer a certain kind of portrait such as more outdoor vs. indoor or portraits in natural settings rather than manicured.

STEP 5:  Know what you want.  By that I mean have a good idea of what you want to purchase.  If you know you want some gift portraits for grandparents, you will want to bring an appropriate outfit grandma will love.  If you want a wall collage or album, you'll want to make sure you have enough outfits and props or accessories to create an interesting piece.  This brings us to the final step.

STEP 6:  Review information in advance.  Don't forget to ask for the price sheet, product list, contract and any other material the photographer may have describing their service.  Also make sure you look at their website.  By reviewing their materials before the session, there won't be any unpleasant surprises, and you will also be better prepared to take care of Steps 2 through 5.  If you go through with the consultation in Step 1, that is a good time to make sure you have all the photographer's information.  Otherwise you can always have them emailed to you.

To schedule a free consultation, please call us at (860) 793-1159 or email 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
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Russell and I bought our dream home in 2003.  Located in Plainville, Connecticut, it is one of a handful of properties with close to two acres of land.  We wanted a place where we could just go out our door and start taking pictures.  This certainly qualified, though it needed some work to get it in shape.  Most obvious to us, at least everytime it rained, was the need to pave the driveway.  Our beautiful 19th century home came with a dirt driveway, and rain would literally turn it into a moat.  I would look out my upstairs window and feel like a princess in a castle surrounded by water!  Charming for sure, but not great for having clients over as we would have to warn them to wear mud shoes!  

After some paving and other work, including creative set designs by my soulmate and business partner Russell, we were ready to do the outdoor portraits we wanted to create for our clients.  Please join us for a pictorial essay of some of our favorite outdoor locations for senior photographs!                                


We have often been told by seniors that they love our natural settings.  Each of these photos were taken in a different area of our yard (from left to right):  Upper back yard, front yard (doesn't the landscape in back of Tiffany look like a painting?), and our lower back yard.  Each area has it's own color palette and background.

steadmanphotography_favoritetree2SteadmanPhotography_fronttreesteadmanphotography_fronttree3 steadmanphotography_favoritetree3

Don't you just love a good tree to lean on?  We think they make great props for portraits!  

SteadmanPhotography_stonewall2SteadmanPhotography_stonewall steadmanphotography_stonelean

Stone walls add great depth and texture to our senior portraits.


Russell built this natural wood deck against a picturesque backdrop of color and trees.


Our barn provides a rustic setting popular with seniors.  Although Russell didn't build it from scratch, he did spend many hours fixing it up.

   KP  037 WalEA-21steadmanphotography_swing

Our swing shots are some of our most popular.

We also delight in photographing our seniors in fields of lush green and golden colors right across the street or next door to our studio location.  


For seniors looking for something more unique, you don't have to travel too far.  Less than a mile from our studio you can find all sorts of neat props and backgrounds including this graffiti wall and old rail road track.


To schedule your senior portrait session with Steadman Photography, call us today at (860) 793-1159.  For more details on our services, visit our website at



Sunday, February 01, 2015
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The winner in our contest for the 11x14 metal print is . . . (drum roll please) . . .




We photographed both Jake and his girlfriend Jenna for their senior portraits on the same date in July.   This turned out to be a really neat idea since we were also able to do a "couples session".  What an adorable couple they were too!  Jake and Jenna started dating in their sophomore year and their relationship continues to grow. According to Jake's mom, they do everything together and each one thinks of the other first.  So it was only natural that Jake would choose this image of the two of them as his pick for the metal print.  I can't wait to see how it comes out, and will be sure to let you all know!  I especially love how relaxed and comfortable Jake and Jenna look in this photo which speaks volumes about their commitment to one another.  The tall grass and natural setting also compliment the calm and peaceful feeling conveyed by this photo, and their relationship with each other.   

Relaxed and Natural CT High School Senior

Here are some more portraits we took of Jake and Jenna,

Metal Print Contest3Metal Print Contest2


And of Jake alone . . .

Metal Print Contest5Metal Print Contest6

Metal Print Contest7Metal Print Contest8

Jake is a volunteer for the Farmington Fire Department, and is planning to study criminal justice upon graduating from Plainville High School this year.  

If you are thinking of hiring a photographer to take your senior portraits, please take a look at THIS POST on getting the most from your senior portrait session.  

Steadman Photography offers free buddy shots only available during your high school senior photography session, so consider scheduling your session to inclue your best friend, significant other, pet or family members.


Monday, January 12, 2015
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To celebrate the New Year and introduce a new product for 2015, Steadman Photography would like to give away an 11x14 metal print to someone we've photographed in 2014.  

To help us decide which one of our amazing clients should win, please vote for your favorite photo by leaving a comment below telling us what you love about the image.  Your comment should also identify the image by giving the name of the subject (so for example, "I love this portrait of Amy because her smile is so natural").  

The subject of the photograph receiving the most comments will win the metal print of any image they choose from their 2014 session.  It's perfectly o.k. to comment on your own photo, but only one comment from the same person will be counted for each image.

Voting ends at midnight EST on Monday, January 26, 2015.  The winner will be announced on this blog within two weeks of the contest end date.  



Leave your comments below or on Facebook where we've linked to this post.  Share this post with family and friends so they can comment too!

Monday, November 10, 2014
By Barbara Steadman, Plainville CT Portrait Photographer
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As the creator of your portraits, part of our job as photographers is to help you visualize how you will display and use your images.  All of this comes together at the ordering session when we  guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your beautiful portraits.  The process works something like this:

  • You and your loved ones view a slide show of your images set to music -- most sessions include 25 - 60 images.
  • Then we go through the images one by one, selecting only those that you absolutely love.  Each image is projected both on a high resolution laptop and a large projection screen to give you a sense of how the portrait might look in a larger wall size.
  • We compare similar images side by side and eliminate even more.
  • Now you are left with only your favorite images which makes the final selection procress that much easier.
  • At this stage, we discuss how you plan to use your images.  How will you display them?  Will you give any as gifts?  

It is here that we can really help you select the best images for the ways you plan to use them.  For example, we can show you exactly how those images would look in a specific collage or folio layout by dropping them into premade templates.  We can even show you what they would look like in different sizes hanging in a specific place in your home (just take a cell phone photo of your space in horizontal format, and send it to us by email prior to your session).  You may discover that you love a wall grouping of several images in different sizes, or perhaps you prefer one large print over the fireplace.  


We can offer suggestions that help you make a decision you're happy with! 

We have samples of all the products we sell so you can compare sizes, finishes and other qualities that will help you make the right choice.  

  • Once you have selected the images to use for your portrait order, we take a closer look at them to determine if there is any retouching you would like done.  Miner retouching like the removal of blemishes is always free.
  • The final step is placing your order.  Since all orders are custom, payment is due at this time.  We accept checks as well as Visa and Master Card.  We can also offer a payment plan to make it easier for you to get everything you want!




Know what you want to do with your portraits even before we take them!  If you know how and where you will display your images, that helps us create the perfect images for you.  Take a look at this post to get some ideas of how you can display your images!  If you plan on displaying any images on your walls, measure the space before coming to the ordering session.  For an even better idea of how your portrait will look, take a horizontal photo of the space (tape an 8x10 sheet of paper on the exact spot where you wish to hang your portraits), and email the photo to us prior to your ordering session.

If you are purchasing any photos as gifts, make a list of all the people you plan to give to.  That way you won't leave anyone out!

Make sure you come with all the decision makers -- that means anyone whose input is needed when selecting the photos as well as those responsible for payment.

Remember that special packages, print credits and other discounts can only be used at this ordering session.  Any orders on subsequent dates must be from the a la carte pricing menu.  

Our pricing menu is available upon request and is a great resource for planning out your purchases. 




To summarize, the ordering session is your opportunity to view your portraits while receiving our expertise in choosing your images and the products to display those images that will enhance your enjoyment of them for years to come.  

Check out our website for more information.  Like us on Facebook!


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