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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
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Russell and I bought our dream home in 2003.  Located in Plainville, Connecticut, it is one of a handful of properties with close to two acres of land.  We wanted a place where we could just go out our door and start taking pictures.  This certainly qualified, though it needed some work to get it in shape.  Most obvious to us, at least everytime it rained, was the need to pave the driveway.  Our beautiful 19th century home came with a dirt driveway, and rain would literally turn it into a moat.  I would look out my upstairs window and feel like a princess in a castle surrounded by water!  Charming for sure, but not great for having clients over as we would have to warn them to wear mud shoes!  

After some paving and other work, including creative set designs by my soulmate and business partner Russell, we were ready to do the outdoor portraits we wanted to create for our clients.  Please join us for a pictorial essay of some of our favorite outdoor locations for senior photographs!                                


We have often been told by seniors that they love our natural settings.  Each of these photos were taken in a different area of our yard (from left to right):  Upper back yard, front yard (doesn't the landscape in back of Tiffany look like a painting?), and our lower back yard.  Each area has it's own color palette and background.

steadmanphotography_favoritetree2SteadmanPhotography_fronttreesteadmanphotography_fronttree3 steadmanphotography_favoritetree3

Don't you just love a good tree to lean on?  We think they make great props for portraits!  

SteadmanPhotography_stonewall2SteadmanPhotography_stonewall steadmanphotography_stonelean

Stone walls add great depth and texture to our senior portraits.


Russell built this natural wood deck against a picturesque backdrop of color and trees.


Our barn provides a rustic setting popular with seniors.  Although Russell didn't build it from scratch, he did spend many hours fixing it up.

   KP  037 WalEA-21steadmanphotography_swing

Our swing shots are some of our most popular.

We also delight in photographing our seniors in fields of lush green and golden colors right across the street or next door to our studio location.  


For seniors looking for something more unique, you don't have to travel too far.  Less than a mile from our studio you can find all sorts of neat props and backgrounds including this graffiti wall and old rail road track.


To schedule your senior portrait session with Steadman Photography, call us today at (860) 793-1159.  For more details on our services, visit our website at



Sunday, February 01, 2015
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The winner in our contest for the 11x14 metal print is . . . (drum roll please) . . .




We photographed both Jake and his girlfriend Jenna for their senior portraits on the same date in July.   This turned out to be a really neat idea since we were also able to do a "couples session".  What an adorable couple they were too!  Jake and Jenna started dating in their sophomore year and their relationship continues to grow. According to Jake's mom, they do everything together and each one thinks of the other first.  So it was only natural that Jake would choose this image of the two of them as his pick for the metal print.  I can't wait to see how it comes out, and will be sure to let you all know!  I especially love how relaxed and comfortable Jake and Jenna look in this photo which speaks volumes about their commitment to one another.  The tall grass and natural setting also compliment the calm and peaceful feeling conveyed by this photo, and their relationship with each other.   

Relaxed and Natural CT High School Senior

Here are some more portraits we took of Jake and Jenna,

Metal Print Contest3Metal Print Contest2


And of Jake alone . . .

Metal Print Contest5Metal Print Contest6

Metal Print Contest7Metal Print Contest8

Jake is a volunteer for the Farmington Fire Department, and is planning to study criminal justice upon graduating from Plainville High School this year.  

If you are thinking of hiring a photographer to take your senior portraits, please take a look at THIS POST on getting the most from your senior portrait session.  

Steadman Photography offers free buddy shots only available during your high school senior photography session, so consider scheduling your session to inclue your best friend, significant other, pet or family members.


Thursday, July 24, 2014
By Barbara Steadman, Plainville CT Senior Photographer
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You arrive at our studio and you look around, thinking "how can my photos be different from my friends?"  Afterall, many senior photographers have standard poses, props and backgrounds they use.  However, you can take control of your portrait session so that the resulting photographs express your personality in a way that's different from anyone else.  You are a unique individual and your photos should reflect that. One way to make sure that happens is to schedule a pre photo consultation.   But even if you skip this step, your portraits can still be a one-of-a-kind knock your socks off expression of YOU!  

All it takes is a little organization and pre-planning.  

  • First choose your outfits carefully.  We encourage our seniors to bring up to four changes of clothes.  If you play sports or are involved in another activity that requires special gear or clothing, bring that too. The goal is to pose for portraits in clothes that reflect who you are -- whether playful, romantic, athletic, intellectual or some other trait describes you, choose your outfits accordingly.  If you have several facets to your personality -- and most people do -- bring outfits to showcase your different moods.  You might like to dress up for a party, and go hiking too.  Your outfit choices should tell your whole story!
  • Bring accessories to spice up those four clothing choices.  Hats, belts, jewelry, scarves, boots and shoes can give a totally different look to the same outfit. 
  • Wearing your hair both in an up do, and down to your shoulders can add glam. 
  • Bring props.  Think interests and hobbies.  If you're an artist, bring your sketch pad.  if you play an instrument, bring it (well, unless it's a piano).  If you fish, bring your pole (we even have a brook next to our property).  Whatever it is, we can make you look like a natural!  
  • Don't forget your BFF -- whether he or she is your significant other, childhood friend since grammar school, or of the furry variety, we want to photograph you together.  You can even bring your sports team for an awesome group photograph.  We never charge extra for buddy shots even if there's multiple buddies in it!  

Many times we create our best portraits by catching you unaware, so don't be afraid to be yourself.  Don't wait for our instructions, but mug for the camera and strike your own poses.  We may just click the shutter and get the best photo of the session.  Of course we're always there to guide and direct, but sometimes just being yourself can make a relaxed and natural looking portrait that everyone will love!   

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Friday, July 04, 2014
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Have you ever wondered what you were going to do with those beautiful portraits once you purchased them?  Frame them?  Hang them or put them on your desk?  Give them as gifts?  How about coffee table books? 

 These are the most common ways to display your professional photographs.  Besides the normal 8x10 and smaller gift prints, we want to take it a step further, and show you some of the products that can really make your portraits stand out!                                                                                  

Beautiful canvas print ready for hanging without the frame.

The Gallery Wrap

The Gallery Wrap is a beautiful canvas print ready for hanging without a frame.  It’s frameless presentation gives your wall portrait the look of a museum piece.   Sizes range from 8×10 to 40×60.

Classic framed print

Classic framed print

The custom classic framed print can be any size, and comes in any finish from a lustre coating mounted on art board, to a fine art canvas mounted on canvas stretcher or masonite.  Only acid-free paper and archival sprays are used to make sure your portraits provide lasting memories for many generations!

Framed Double-matted Wall Portrait

Framed Double-matted Wall Portrait

The custom double-matted frame gives your wall portrait a much larger presence than is possible with a single frame alone.  Add punch to your portrait with a mat and frame combo to coordinate with your home decor.

Classic Wall Folio

Classic Wall Folio

Or choose a custom double-matted framed piece to display multiple images!

Petite Wall Folio

Petite Wall Folio

The custom petite wall folio is great for people with smaller wall space to display multiple prints.  Choose from over 200 different frame mouldings and matting combinations for all of our custom framed pieces.

The Wall Collage with faux matting

For Seniors only:  The Wall Collage with faux matting

We also offer a less expensive option for displaying multiple prints available only for High School Senior and Engagement sessions.  It is a collage of images printed on one sheet, mounted and framed.  Unlike the Classic and Petite wall folios, the collage is not mounted with glass or acrylic.  These wall collages come in your choice of a platinum or black frame with black or cream matting.

The Desk Folio and the Mini Accordion Folio

The Desk Folio and the Mini Accordion Folio

We just love these awesome portable folios.  The Desk wing-style folio is perfect for a table, desk or mantle.  The Mini Accordion has a magnetic closure, comes in sets of three for perfect gift-giving, and fits right in your purse so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

The Art Book, Photo Book, and Proof Album

The Art Book, Photo Book, and Proof Album

These three albums make great presentations to show off all your favorite photos.  Display them on your coffee table.

Shadow Mount

Shadow Mount

2013-08-12 08.36.52

Back of Shadow Mount

Shadow Mounts are our newest offering.  They are a great alternative to framed portraits.  Similar to Gallery Wraps, this unique way to display your portraits differ in that unlike Gallery Wraps, the image does not wrap around the edges.  Instead, a frame is fixed to the back of the image.  Both Gallery Wraps and Shadow Mounts can be hung just as they are!

The Custom Photo App
The Custom Photo App

Carry your session images wherever you go with these handy custom photo apps created especially for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  It will also work on Android phones.

We hope these give you some great ideas on how to display your precious images, but if there is something that you think would make a great addition, please let us know.

Barbara and Russell, Steadman Photography

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Saturday, November 23, 2013
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Katie's mom, Mary and I used to work together in the corporate world . . . which we have both since left behind with (almost) no regrets!  Mary teaches and gets to spend more time with her beautiful girls (including the four-legged Keeley), and I now get to pursue what I love to do most which is to take photographs of my awesome seniors and their families.  I was super excited when Mary called us to book Katie's senior session as well as the family portrait session which we include as part of the senior experience.
This is the family portrait we took before taking Katie's senior portraits.  I've known Mary since before Ashley (Katie's younger sister) was born!  That's a lot of years ago, but it seems like only yesterday Russell and I were surrounding Ashley with stuffed animals for a baby portrait that was used to promote the March of Dimes campaign.  Wish I could find it so I could post it here -- Ashley was such an adorable baby!

We also included a "buddy" shot of Katie and Ashley with Keeley, the second Wheaten Terrier we've photographed this year. Wheatens are my favorite breed -- probably because our very own Cody is a Wheaten.  Keeley was such a good girl posing between Katie and Ashley.  Most Wheatens would be lunging toward the camera, tail wagging of course.  These dogs, as rambunctious as they are, are so loveable.   

We asked Katie and Keeley to pose for this close up -- as close to "cheek-to-cheek" as possible.  Isn't Katie's complexion a perfect blend with the autumn gold and yellow background? 

More photos of Katie:

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