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Saturday, November 23, 2013
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Katie's mom, Mary and I used to work together in the corporate world . . . which we have both since left behind with (almost) no regrets!  Mary teaches and gets to spend more time with her beautiful girls (including the four-legged Keeley), and I now get to pursue what I love to do most which is to take photographs of my awesome seniors and their families.  I was super excited when Mary called us to book Katie's senior session as well as the family portrait session which we include as part of the senior experience.
This is the family portrait we took before taking Katie's senior portraits.  I've known Mary since before Ashley (Katie's younger sister) was born!  That's a lot of years ago, but it seems like only yesterday Russell and I were surrounding Ashley with stuffed animals for a baby portrait that was used to promote the March of Dimes campaign.  Wish I could find it so I could post it here -- Ashley was such an adorable baby!

We also included a "buddy" shot of Katie and Ashley with Keeley, the second Wheaten Terrier we've photographed this year. Wheatens are my favorite breed -- probably because our very own Cody is a Wheaten.  Keeley was such a good girl posing between Katie and Ashley.  Most Wheatens would be lunging toward the camera, tail wagging of course.  These dogs, as rambunctious as they are, are so loveable.   

We asked Katie and Keeley to pose for this close up -- as close to "cheek-to-cheek" as possible.  Isn't Katie's complexion a perfect blend with the autumn gold and yellow background? 

More photos of Katie:

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013
By Steadman Photography
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Plainville High School senior Danielle came to us for her senior portraits on one of those gorgeous fall New England days we had in October.  The days have been so beautiful this year that I wish we had a senior for every one of them!  Just love the colors of autumn.

Scenery like this is what Connecticut is known for, and makes the perfect backdrop for senior portraits.  Of course it doesn't hurt that our model is so pretty!  Thanks Danielle for choosing Steadman Photography to photograph your senior portraits.

Danielle also brought sister Nicole and mom Dawn for a couple of buddy shots.  We did Nicole's senior photos just a few years ago.

The outdoor photos reigned this time around, but we did love this great studio shot of Danielle.  



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Sunday, October 20, 2013
By Steadman Photography
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Photographing high school seniors at our Plainville studio location gives us such pleasure partly because we feel so blessed to have such beautiful property with so many posing options -- it's sort of like living in a park!  But we also find it a joy to work with the seniors and their parents who choose us to photograph this special time in their life.  Kelsey plays basketball at Plainville High, and plans to graduate next June.  Here are some of our favorite photos from her session.

This is a classic pose of a beautiful girl!  

Here is something a little more funky.  We think Kelsey totally rocks this shot!

Another fun shot -- this time against the weathered board behind our barn.

Russell built this deck specifically for our senior sessions.  It's a new addition to our yard for 2013.

Another pose on the deck.  Love those bracelets, Kelsey!

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Monday, October 14, 2013
By Steadman Photography, CT Senior Photographers
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This is our first blog post since our new website went live last Friday, and we're excited to show you our recent photo shoot with Plainville high school senior Marisa and her cuddly wheaten terrier Junior!  We can see why Marisa loves Junior since we have our own cuddly wheaten named Cody.  Both dogs are nine years old and still have boundless energy.  I think that's a wheaten trade mark . . . to be puppy like throughout their entire life!

One more photo of Marisa with Junior!  

And more photos of just our senior Marisa . . . all taken at our studio location in Plainville, CT.

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